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Gutter Cleaning and Power Washing

Gutter Cleaning
With Leaves and other debris in the air the eaves troughs on our homes can become clogged.  Without proper drainage rain water gets trapped in the eaves, may pour over the edge of the house or even cause water damage over time.
Trough cleaning often requires ladder work and is a dirty smelly job.  Have us do the dirty work and please, STAY OFF THOSE LADDERS!
Our gutter cleaning services include the following:
      - Removal of all debris
      - Unplugging of downspouts
      - System flush to clean and test gutters
Gutter Cleaning Services start at $120.00 plus GST
Power Washing
We clean siding, sidewalks, driveways, decks and roofs.  Our methodologies are safe and will not damage your property.  For homes and 3 storeys we use and extension pole to ensure safety of our workers.  
For properties higher than 3 storeys we employ aerial platforms to reach what others can't.
Power Washing Services also start at $120.00 plus GST
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